About US


First I would like to thank you very much for taking your time to visit our site. Stone Mountain School is a public facility that is geared towards providing the best information on various fields such as plumbing, water damage and pest control.

We are team of sixty professionals in all the mentioned fields who are committed and determined to make sure that we continue to make lasting positive impressions in the society by helping the various people and readers to make the right decisions.

The company has worked smart to also improve the manner in which we operate and you will be able to see that from the manner in which we conduct our business and the amount of research that we use to make sure that each piece that is published on the site actually delivers value that the customers or rather the readers can relate to.

Over the last fifty years, major changes have taken place in the business plan and we are among the few who are excited to embrace them all the best way possible. You can also get in touch to know about the various pest control and other problems that plague the society.